How reliable is solar hot water? Should I switch to solar?

01 Mar
is solar hot water reliableAre you thinking of switching to solar hot water but wonder “how reliable is solar hot water”?

In the past 20 years, solar hot water has advanced rapidly and the technology surrounding it is now cheaper, more reliable and has a longer life span.

What happens if it’s cloudy?

Even when the sky is cloudy, the sun is still letting off solar rays that heat your hot water. If the sky is blue and the sun is shining, you will have more hot water BUT  it doesn’t need to be sunny and hot for a solar hot water system to work and generate great, free hot water.

Boosters and back up systems

Most solar hot water systems have a booster system or back up system which means if your hot water tank isn’t holding enough hot water for your needs that the booster will heat water for you on the spot.

A common and popular type of back-up system is a gas or electric instantaneous hot water system.

Switch to solar hot water

n Australia, with our temperate climate and sunny weather, it makes sense to try and utilise what Mother Nature provides free of charge to heat your hot water. By using solar energy means you pay less than conventional electric or gas water heaters, whilst reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a win-win on all accounts!

How much will it cost me to switch to solar hot water?

For more information about the cost of switching to solar hot water, contact one of our solar hot water experts: 

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