What are the different types of commercial hot water systems?

20 Jan

commercial hot water systems

We are your Sydney commercial hot water specialists.

Commercial grade hot water systems are built to last. They operate at very high-efficiency rates running large volumes of hot water to suit any commercial application or the requirements of any sized residential or strata building. Both internal (inside) and external (outside) models are available for gas, electric, solar, warm water, heater exchangers and heat pumps systems.

Note: Commercial hot water systems may also be referred to as “industrial hot water systems and heaters”. 

Types of commercial hot water systems


Continuous Flow Commercial Hot Water Systems

With a commercial continuous flow hot water system, you virtually never run out of hot water. The latest commercial continuous gas hot water models feature electronic ignition, with no pilot light, operating on-demand only therefore not consuming gas when not in use.

For applications where high hot water flow rates are required for short periods, a continuous flow hot water systems can be coupled with a storage tank. This system is suitable where short periods of high hot water flow rate are required that can’t be achieved with just a continuous flow system. A thermostat in the hot water tank senses when it drops below a certain point and a primary pump is activated to heat up the water in the tank.

continuous flow commercial hot water systems sydney

(Above) Commercial continuous flow hot water system

commercial solar hot water systems

Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems

Combine the energy of the sun with the high efficiency of gas or electric hot water heating. Typically, rooftop solar collectors are aligned to face the sun in order to maximise solar energy. Lower energy consumption, save on running costs and reduce your CO2 emissions by harnessing the power of solar energy to pre-heat your commercial gas and electric boosted hot water system. Several installation options are available depending upon the site requirements.

Project : Rheem commercial solar and gas boosted hot water heater repair at Mosman retirement village »

commercial solar hot water systems sydney

(Above) Solar hot water system installed at Sydney retirement village

Commercial Gas Hot Water Systems

Commercial gas hot water heaters are built to last and run efficiently. They are able to handle all types of commercial hot water applications across a broad range of industries and building types.

commercial gas storage systems sydney

(Above) Commercial gas hot water systems

commercial electric hot water systems

Commercial Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems offer quick recovery and are ideal for small businesses and large scale installations.  They come in a range of sizes to suit all applications – even very small spaces. The controls are easy to adjust. They can be installed singularly or in a “bank” where high demand hot water usage is needed. Models are available for indoor or outdoor installation.

commercial electric hot water system sydney

(Above) Commercial electric hot water systems


commercial warm water systems

Commercial Warm Water Systems

Warm water systems provide centralised warm water below 60° Celcius for special needs applications. Controlled warm water in typically used in specialist applications such as health and aged care.

Project : Rheem Guardian warm water system installed in a Sydney strata building »

commercial warm water sydney

(Above) Commercial warm water hot water system

Commercial Heat Pumps

Commercial-grade heat pumps deliver extremely high thermal efficiency. Heat pumps use technology to extract and intensify the warmth that is naturally in the air around us then uses that warmth to produce hot water. They don’t use solar collectors mounted on the roof like solar systems.

The heat pump consists of an insulated storage tank and a heating module. The heating module must be installed outdoors, but there are options to install the storage tank either outdoors with the heating module, or indoors separated from the heating module by up to 4 metres.

A heat pump works to heat water by transferring the intensified warmth from the air around it into the water, stored in the tank, via a heat exchange system that works in a similar way to an air conditioner.

When emptied, it takes time to reheat to have you back in hot water. Heat pumps draw less electricity than a traditional electric storage water heater, and in doing so, are more energy efficient. They do take longer to heat water, so consider a larger tank capacity to ensure you have enough hot water when you need it.

Link : What is a heat pump hot water heater and how do they work? 

commercial hot water pump sydney

(Above) Commercial heat pump hot water system

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Commercial Hot Water System Repairs & Service

With over 25 years experience, providing our customers with the right commercial hot water solution for their needs is our priority.  Whatever your requirements, we will ensure your customers or residents experience trouble-free hot water 24/7.

We are authorised service agents for all commercial hot water brands including Rheem, Rinnai,  Thermann, Everhot and more. We can repair and service all commercial hot water systems (solar, gas, electric, heat pumps) including heavy-duty storage tanks and continuous flow including, but not limited to :

  • Rheem Commpak Plus – Indoor (Internal) and Outdoor (External) Models
  • Rheem Multipak – Indoor (Internal) and Outdoor (External) Models
  • Rheem Raypak Gas Water Heaters – Indoor (Internal) and Outdoor (External) Models
  • Rheem Commercial Continuous Flow Gas Water Heaters  – Indoor (Internal) and Outdoor (External) Models
  • Rheem Tankpak Services
  • Rinnai Continuous HD200e, HD200i (internal), HD250e, HDC211e, HDC211i (internal)
  • Rinnai Demand Duo
  • Rinnai Manifold Pack
  • Rinnai HEX250
  • Rinnai Quick Recovery Electric
  • Rinnai Warm Water Valve
  • Rinnai Solar Pre-Heat Commercial Hot Water Systems
  • Rheem Heavy Duty Electric Water Heaters
  • Rheem Commercial Solar Hiline Close Coupling Hot Water Heaters
  • Rheem Commercial Solar Loline Split System
  • Rheem HS Services (suitable for areas prone to frost and/or poor water quality)
  • Thermann Commercial Hot Water Systems (Gas External / Internal)
  • Thermann Commercial Continuous Flows Systems (Gas External / Internal)
  • Everhot Heavy Duty Electric Hot Water Systems
  • Everhot Heavy Duty Gas Hot Water Systems
  • Rheem Commercial Water to Heat Pump Systems
  • Rheem Guardian Warm Water Systems 
For commercial hot water assistance

For help finding the right commercial hot water heater solution for your premises or to repair your existing system, contact our specialists on 1800 266 999 or text 0410 693 532. We are happy to provide helpful advice and work with you to quickly and efficiently solve your commercial hot water heater problems.

Our commercial clients include :

  • Real estate property managers
  • Stata managers and owners corporations
  • Multi-residential developments and project managers
  • Retirement villages and aged care facilities
  • Correctional facilities
  • Small businesses – hairdressing salons, childcare centres
  • Hospitality industry – hotels, restaurants, cafes, conference centres, commercial kitchens
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Tourism – hotels, motels, caravan parks, guest houses
  • Schools and community centres
  • Local and State Government departments

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