Gas, Electric and Solar Hot Water Systems

15 Aug

hot water systems

With so much choice when it comes to hot water systems, how do you know which one is best for your home and household requirements?

Buying a new hot water system is an investment in your future. With so many options, it’s easy to be swayed by a lower price and lose sight of the three factors we believe matters most:

  1. quality
  2. efficiency
  3. reliability

At Cheapa Hot Water, we go to great measures to ensure your new hot water system ticks these three boxes so you can relax and know you’ll have trouble-free hot water for many years to come.

Importantly, with over 20 years experience in hot water our qualified hot water installers will suggest what hot water system will best suit your requirements based on your household size and water usage requirements.  Without expert advice you risk running out of hot water every night because you have chosen the wrong size tank or dread receiving your quarterly energy bill because it’s unreasonably high.

gas hot water systemsGas Hot Water Systems

Did you know that by changing your old electric hot water tank to a more energy efficient gas hot water heater, you can save up to 80% on your household energy costs each year? Our gas hot water tanks are competitively priced because we purchase such large quantities direct from the manufacturers – a saving we can pass on to our customers. We offer free delivery to all Sydney suburbs and the Central Coast.

More information about gas hot water systems »

electric-hot-water-systemsElectric Hot Water Systems

We stock and supply all the major electric water heater brands, makes and models.  Our electric hot water tanks are competitively priced because we purchase large quantities direct from the manufacturers.  When buying a new electric hot water system it is important you choose the right one that is not going to increase your energy bills, or leave you having to endure regular cold showers. We can provide expertise and advise on which make and model will best suit your household requirements.

More information about electric hot water systems »

solar-hot-water-systemsSolar Hot Water Systems

In Australia, with our temperate climate and sunny weather, it makes sense to utilise what Mother Nature provides free of charge to heat your hot water. By using solar energy, you pay less than a conventional electric or gas hot water system. Not only is that more money in your pocket, but significantly reduces your global impact and greenhouse emissions.  It’s a win-win on all accounts!

At Cheapa Hot Water, we are authorised solar hot water system installers for the major brands including Rheem, Solahart and Apricus.  Our solar systems are competitively priced because we purchase large quantities direct from the manufacturers – a saving we can pass on to our customers.

More information about solar hot water systems »

For advice on what hot water system is right for you, call the experts

Our expert hot water system installers and repair technicians service all Sydney suburbs and Central Coast and are one of the largest suppliers of solar, electric and gas hot water systems.  Our hot water plumber service technicians carry new systems and spare parts for all makes and models including Rheem, Dux, Rinnai, Aquamax, Bosch, Conergy, Hocking, Apricus, Vulcan, Edwards Solar, Solahart, Everhot and more. Hot water is our business – call the experts today.

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