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We are the electric hot water heater experts servicing all Sydney suburbs. We have been repairing, servicing and installing electric hot water systems into Sydney homes and businesses since 1993. Our trucks are fully stocked with thousands of spare parts and replacement tanks so you won’t have to wait days for parts to arrive. Our qualified service technicians offer fast, emergency repair of your electric hot water system today. If your current hot water heater is beyond repair we can install a new hot water heater today or upgrade you to a more energy efficient gas or solar HWS.

Call our hot water service specialists today on 1800 266 999 or text 0410 693 532.

No hot water in Winter or after frosty or cold weather?

29 Jun
no hot water in cold weather

Preventing hot water heater breakdowns in Winter. We have been exceptionally busy over Winter fixing hot water systems in homes, businesses and on rooftops in all areas around Sydney.  This seasonal increase in demand is due to sudden cold weather events and freezing conditions which can cause problems with rooftop solar systems, and the valves and pipes in all […]

The simple thing you can do to extend the life of your hot water heater

22 May
hot water service

The importance of having a hot water service every 5 years. We’d like to let you know a little secret… A secret that could save you a lot of money OR cost you a lot! Inside most electric, gas and  solar hot water heaters, there is a special magnesium rod called an anode. All vitreous enamel […]

Rheem Hot Water Systems. Repair, replacement & installation service.

28 Mar
rheem water heaters

“For steady, hot & strong… install a Rheem” We are authorised Rheem hot water service technicians for all Sydney suburbs and the Central Coast. Our hot water plumbers and licensed and fully insured to carry out the repair, service or installation of your Rheem hot water heater.  Rheem has been Australia’s number 1 choice for […]

Rheem Hot Water Systems

05 Mar
rheem water heaters

Rheem Gas Hot Water Systems We stock an enormous range of Rheem gas hot water systems and below is a selection of our most popular products. Detailed specifications of other gas hot water systems are available anytime upon request. Rheem Gas Storage Features of Rheem gas storage hot water systems include: Heats and stores water […]

Tips on how to reduce your household and electricity bills

28 Feb
tips to reduce household bills

Do you experience bill shock when you open your electricity bills? Read our top tips for reducing your household energy bills. If you are experiencing higher than expected electricity or gas bills it may have something to do with your hot water usage and the running efficiency of your water heater. Below are our top tips […]

Buying a new hot water system is an investment for the future. Hot water tip #9

22 Feb
rinnai solar hot water sunmaster

When buying a new hot water heater, with so many options available, it’s easy to be swayed by a lower price and lose sight of what matters most. The three most important things to consider when replacing existing hot water tank are: Quality Efficiency Reliability Hot water is our business!  We go to extreme measures to […]

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