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Hot water heating is one of a households biggest running expense so it pays to ensure your hot water system is running efficiently, is maintained correctly and serviced regularly. Everyone wants to keep their energy bills to a minimum but, surprisingly, not many people take action to do so. Household water heating is one of the biggest expenses of most households. Below we have listed some simple tips and tricks you can initiate today that will reduce your hot water bills.

Rheem Solar Hot Water Specialists Sydney – Save $400

07 Sep
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** Don’t miss this Rheem solar hot water deal. ** Trade in your old hot water heater and switch to solar hot water and save a generous $400 for a limited time only. Heat up your home’s water with a new 300L and above solar hot water system from the outstanding range of Rheem Hiline and Loline systems and receive a […]

Rheem solar hot water $500 cash back offer

12 Oct
cash back offer rheem solar hot water

With this generous $500 solar hot water cash back offer, coupled with government incentives (conditions may apply), you’d be crazy not to switch to solar hot water. Start saving on hefty electricity bills and reduce your environmental impact today. If you’ve been thinking about switching from electric or gas to more energy efficient solar hot […]

Gas hot water recovery systems. A gas hot water system comparison.

02 Mar
gas hot water

Does your household frequently run out of hot water?  Does your current hot water heater take too long to heat up again? While some system will heat up again very quickly, often they are not very energy efficient and have a low star efficiency rating.  Help is at hand and it is possible to reach […]

How reliable is solar hot water? Should I switch to solar?

01 Mar
solar hot water

Are you thinking of switching to a solar HWS but wonder “how reliable is solar hot water” or “does solar hot water work when it’s cloudy”?  In the past 20 years, solar hot water has advanced rapidly and the technology surrounding it is now cheaper, more reliable and has a longer life span. Does solar […]

Tips on how to reduce your household and electricity bills

28 Feb
tips to reduce household bills

Do you experience bill shock when you open your electricity bills? Read our top tips for reducing your household energy bills. If you are experiencing higher than expected electricity or gas bills it may have something to do with your hot water usage and the running efficiency of your water heater. Below are our top tips […]

Setting the temperature of your home water heater. Hot water tip #7

20 Feb
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How hot should you set your hot water heater temperature? Under Australian law the internal temperature of a hot water heater must be set at 70 degrees celsius. This temperature kills harmful bacteria and preserves a safe operating temperature for your hot water system. We would strongly discourage inexperienced people from adjusting their hot water […]

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