No hot water in Winter or after frosty or cold weather?

29 Jun

Preventing hot water heater breakdowns in Winter.

We have been exceptionally busy over Winter fixing hot water systems in homes, businesses and on rooftops in all areas around Sydney.  This seasonal increase in demand is due to sudden cold weather events and freezing conditions which can cause problems with rooftop solar systems, and the valves and pipes in all hot water heaters.

Additionally, a lack of regular preventative maintenance is always a contributing factor in hot water system breakdowns, particularly in winter, when your heater is working hardest.  Not many people consider that their hot water heater is the hardest-working appliance in the home yet it is so often overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance and preventative servicing.  If you’ve ever endured a Winter without hot water (if even for only a few hours), you’ll appreciate the benefits of reliable, trouble free hot water.

Why don’t I have hot water in cold weather?

The cold weather experienced during winter, particularly in Western Sydney, have caused problems with solar hot water system rooftop tanks, solar panels and split or cracked pipes due to freezing temperatures.  Problems occurs because the water inside expands when it freezes thereby having the potential to split pipes, solar panels and storage tanks. Additionally, valves and parts designed to protect against such weather events can fail because they are old or have been installed incorrectly.

If you’ve noticed water dripping from the roof when it’s not raining, you’re running out of hot water prematurely or have no hot water at all then chances are your hot water heater may be a casualty of the freezing weather conditions.

Preventing hot water system failure during cold weather

Did you know that your hot water heater should be serviced every 5 years? When undertaking a hot water service we test all elements of the HWS to ensure they are working correctly and repair or replace any faulty parts.  A hot water service every five years is a very small price to pay when compared to the cost of replacing your hot water heater in the event of irreparable failure.

During winter much more pressure is placed on all parts of a hot water heater so, if they are faulty or deteriorating, are much more likely to fail.  In every repair we undertook over winter the valves we replaced were more than five years old and the HWS had not been serviced by a licensed hot water heater specialist during that time.  Had this been the case these breakdowns would very likely not have occurred.  Your car gets serviced regularly and so too should your hot water system thereby preventing inconvenient breakdowns and expensive replacement costs.

Book a hot water heater service

The regular service of your hot water heater by one of our licensed technicians will ensure you enjoy trouble-free hot water for many years to come.  It will ensure your system continues working safely in all weather conditions thereby saving you money on costly repairs and the inconvenience of future breakdown.

Your hot water heater service should be undertaken every five years. If this time period lapses it may result in the manufactures warranty becoming void. It only takes around an hour for our technicians to service your hot water heater and it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Did you know that most manufacturers won’t cover the terms of your hot water system warranty if it isn’t installed or serviced by a licensed hot water technician or qualified hot water plumber. Your hot water heater is an expensive appliance so don’t risk voiding your warranty by employing the services of someone who isn’t licensed to fix it.

We are licensed water heater installers and plumbers and preferred service technicians for all major hot water manufacturers including RheemSolahart, Aquamax, Apricus, VulcanEdwards Solar, Everhot and many more.

To book a hot water system service call 1800 266 999, text 0410 693 532 or complete our online enquiry form.  A service typically only takes around an hour.

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