Repair of hail damaged solar hot water heater tubes and rooftop panels

11 Jun
emergency repair solar panel

(Before) Rooftop solar hot water panels smashed in a Sydney hail storm

Smashed solar tubes after a hail storm? We can get you back enjoying hot water in no time. We’ll even deal direct with your insurance company.

Emergency solar hot water repairs

Hail storms in Sydney often come out of nowhere with common casualties around the home being damage to rooftop solar hot water tubes, solar panels and water heater storage tanks.  The cleanup after the storm can be traumatic enough for homeowners, tenants and property managers let alone dealing with tradespeople and insurance companies.  This is where the team at Cheapa Hot Water aim to make the cleanup and repair process easier for everyone.

This has been particularly evident in the aftermath of the December 2018 hail storm that caused extensive damage in the Hornsby area, especially Berowra. Some insurance companies have taken months to give homeowners approval to proceed with repairs to their properties.

We offer an emergency solar water heater repair service to ensure you’re back enjoying trouble-free hot water in no time. We’ll deal direct with your insurance company and organise access with tenants if required.

repair hail damaged solar panel

(After) Repaired rooftop solar hot water system after being smashed in Sydney hail storms.

Call the Sydney solar experts

  • Hot water is our business and we are Sydney’s leading solar hot water specialists.
  • Our fully qualified, licensed hot water heater repair specialists each have over 25 years experience.
  • We are accredited service agents for all solar hot water brands including Rheem, Apricus, QuantumEdwards SolarSolahart and more.
  • We are a local, Australian-owned, family run business offering reliable, old fashioned service.
  • If your current solar hot water heater is beyond repair we offer free delivery of a new system and complimentary disposal (and recycling) of your old water heater.
  • We are qualified to undertake all the plumbing and electrical work required to install a new hot water system. There is no need to waste money employing multiple trades.
  • We have all the equipment needed to install your hot water system today. We don’t have to hire or wait for other trades to arrive with the required equipment.
repair hail damage solar hot water panel

Sydney hail stones the size of a tennis ball.

More information

If your solar HWS has experienced damage in the Sydney hail storms, get in touch and we’ll ensure you’re back enjoying trouble-free hot water quickly and efficiently.

We are available 7 days and offer a fast, emergency after hours solar repairs. Our trucks are on the road right now stocked with replacement parts for all solar hot water heater makes and models. We service all Sydney suburbs and the NSW Central Coast.

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hail damaged solar hot water tubes

(Before) Hail damaged rooftop solar tubes.

repair hail damaged solar hot water tubes

(After) Repaired rooftop solar hot water system tubes.

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