Help, my solar hot water backup system is not working?

27 Oct

solar hot water backup system repair

No solar hot water when it’s cloudy?

We received a call recently from a customer located at Port Hacking in the Sutherland Shire Sydney who was experiencing intermittent solar hot water supply.  They had trouble free hot water when the sun was shining but, when skies were cloudy or there were a few days of low sunshine, they very quickly ran out of hot water or had none at all.

Why don’t I have hot water when it rains?

First we need to explain briefly how solar hot water systems work… Solar water heaters absorbing energy from the sun’s rays in the roof mounted solar collectors and transfer this to heat water stored in a storage tank.  For times when skies are cloudy or there are prolonged periods of low sunshine, all solar hot water systems come with a gas or electric back-up system.  The backup system continues to supply hot water when the sun’s energy isn’t available or strong enough.

Solar hot water system backup repairs

When customers are experiencing hot water when the sun is shining but running out when it’s cloudy there is almost always a problem isolated to the backup system. For our Sutherland Shire customer, a plague of ants had shorted out the circuit that ran the electric backup system – see photo below.  After a few days of cloudy skies and rainy weather, the backup system hadn’t been kicking in to compensate for low levels of sunshine and they ran out of hot water.

Our trucks carry thousands of replacement parts for all solar hot water systems so it was a quick and relatively simple repair.  The customer should now experience trouble free solar hot water during all weather patterns.

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ants short circuited hot water system

Ants had short-circuited the solar hot water back up system.


Problems with your solar hot water gas or electric backup boost system?

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