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We supply and install all solar hot water brands including Solahart, Rheem, Edwards, Apricus, Quantum and many more. 

In Australia, with our temperate climate and sunny weather, it makes sense to utilise what Mother Nature provides free of charge to heat your hot water. By using solar energy, you pay less than a conventional electric or gas hot water system. Not only is that more money in your pocket, but significantly reduces your global impact and greenhouse emissions.  It’s a win-win on all accounts!

At Cheapa Hot Water, we are authorised solar hot water system installers for the major brands.  Our solar systems are competitively priced because we purchase large quantities direct from the manufacturers – a saving we can pass on to our customers.

Helpful articles so you can make an informed decision about solar hot water:

Popular solar hot water systems

We stock an enormous range of solar hot water systems including all the major makes and models.  Below is a selection of our most popular solar hot water products. Detailed specifications of other products are available anytime upon request.

rheem loline solar water heater
Rheem Solar Loline 325 litre

325L capacity tank is suitable for 2 – 6 people. 5 year cylinder warranty.

rheem loline solar water heater
Rheem Solar Loline 410 litre

410L capacity tank is suitable for 3 — 7 people. 5 year cylinder warranty.

rheem solar water heater colorbond range
Rheem Solar 52L300 Stainless Steel

305 L capacity suitable for 2-5 people. 10 year warranty. Available in 5 Colorbond colours.

rheem premier hiline solar water heater

Rheem Solar Premier Hiline

The Premier Hiline utilises the S200 collector which provides good performance in all locations.


solahart l series solar water heaters
Solahart L Series

The Solahart L Series is a roof mounted, open circuit solar water heater specifically designed to provide economical service in medium to high solar gain areas.

solahart streamline split solar water heater
Solahart Streamline Closed Circuit Electric Boost

The Streamline closed circuit system offers a choice of either the Solahart Kf or J collector.

apricus solar water heaters
Apricus Everlast Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

The Everlast stainless steel storage tanks provide a natural barrier to corrosion and rust, have excellent performance in areas with hard water.

apricus glass lines solar water heater
Apricus Glass Lines Storage Tanks

The glass lined storage tanks are made from vitreous enamel with a sacrificial anode.

quantum solar heat pump`
Quantum Solar Heater Pump

The Quantum solar heat pump domestic range offers environmentally friendly solar hot water, on tap, day and night.

Solar hot water installation Sydney & Central Coast

Your solar hot water system is an expensive appliance and should only be installed by a fully qualified tradesperson. Don’t risk voiding your warranty by using inexperienced, unlicensed labour. Most manufacturers won’t cover the terms of your solar hot water system warranty if it isn’t installed by a licensed hot water plumber.  We have the equipment required to quickly and efficiently install your new solar hot water system or repair your existing one.  This saves time and money as we don’t have the additional expensive of hiring expensive equipment or waiting for other trades to be available to complete the job.  Deal with the solar hot water experts – call Cheapa Hot Water today.

For solar hot water quotes and questions

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Cheapa Hot Water now part of the Rheem Solar Specialist Network

rheem solar specialists networkIn 2016, Rheem Australia launched the Rheem Solar Specialist Network.  The new nework is a result of the integration of the Solar Edwards business into Rheem.   The merge combines the trusted Rheem brand with the products and expertise of a specialised group of trained, dedicated solar specialists like Cheapa Hot Water who offer high level solar water heater advice and service.

The creation of this specialist network, formerly known as the Edwards Dealer Network, is in response to some significant changes in the industry, particularly over the past five years. It also draws on the vast experience and expertise that Rheem Australia has developed in solar water heating.

Rheem Solar Specialist Network combines the strength of Rheem with the Edwards heritage to offer an expanded range of roof-mounted and ground systems, including a unique rooftop range of stainless steel tanks available in a range of COLORBOND® colours.;

This combined approach gives consumers the confidence of knowing that they are choosing product made by Australia’s number one brand in hot water. It’s supported by both the Rheem solar specialists and the large service network that Rheem operates around the country.

In addition, the new specialist network is well placed to address the changing market and householder needs. With the certainty of ongoing high gas and electricity prices, there will continue to be a strong solar market, and the increasing complexity of water heating products as demand for greater energy efficiency increases.

Rheem is ready to address these needs and tackle them head on. It is also committed to investing in local research and development to deliver new, Australian made higher efficiency renewable products at lower running costs for consumers.

For more information about our role as dedicated Rheem solar water heater specialists, contact John Graham, Cheapa Hot Water Director, direct on 1800 266 999.