Get the right advice when your solar hot water system needs to be replaced

20 Jul

solar hot wtaer system advice

Honest solar hot water system advice you can trust.

It’s not every day that we need to enlist the services of a crane to remove a solar hot water system from a Sydney rooftop. This is why it’s paramount you get the right advice when your current solar hot water system needs to be replaced.

We were called by a new customer based in Blacktown, who had an old solar heater on their roof that was in danger of completely sliding off. We were informed that the old solar hot water heater had been disconnected approximately 10 years ago by a plumber but not removed.  With the old solar tank and collectors rusting away and the entire system only held on by one clip, it was a highly dangerous situation.

Due to the steepness of the roof and the uncertainty of how the old system was secured, it simply wasn’t safe for our team to remove it the standard way.  Enlisting the assistance of a crane was the only safe solution. Three hours later, the rusted old solar hot water tank was removed from the roof and on it’s way to the tip for recycling.

Got an old rooftop solar hot water system that needs removing? Our team of hot water specialists make light work of all problems you may have with your solar, gas or electric hot water system.  Call our team for emergency hot water repairs 7 days a week.  We service all Sydney suburbs and offer same day service.

It’s important to get the right solar hot water system advice

This Blacktown client informed us that the previous plumber had recommended they switch from solar to a gas hot water system. The client has been happy with solar hot water so the only reason why this may have been the recommendation was the plumber’s hot water inexperience.

The installation of a new solar hot water system, or the replacement of an existing one, requires specialist skills.  Some plumbers may install or replace a solar system a handful of times.  They may simply be lacking the skills, tools and expertise to undertake the job.  To this end, they recommend an alternative solution they feel more comfortable doing.

Hot water is our business! We install, repair and replace thousands of solar, gas and electric hot water systems in Sydney homes every year.

Incorrect solar hot water advice can be costly

The job above is an example of just one common problem we encounter weekly from new customers who have received inappropriate or incorrect advice from inexperienced plumbers. Unfortunately, this customer had the added expense of crane hire to remove the rusted rooftop solar tank and collectors – and they switched to gas instead of remaining with the more economical solar hot water.

Additionally, if you do want to switch from solar hot water to gas or electric, we provide all our customers with honest advice specific to their hot water usage requirements and budget.  We NEVER advise our customer to switch to an inappropriate or inadequate HWS.

Contact us for honest solar hot water advice today

If you live in Sydney, using solar energy to heat hot water is an effective way to use our abundant sunshine saving money on your household bills and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

Switching to solar hot water offers both excellent environmental and financial investments.  Solar hot water can significantly reduce fossil fuel energy use and consequent pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Not only are you helping the environment by installing a solar hot water or heat pump system, you could also enjoy substantial savings on your household hot water energy use of up to 73%.

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